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Use case
Data Lake Infrastructure
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Data Lake Infrastructure


The amount of data Company A collects is increasing at an explosive rate, but the company’s legacy system infrastructure was not economical to operate and could not be immediately expanded when needed.
Also, the system could not store and query data quickly and data analysis took a long time. Company A stored data in its database by converting it to a compressed binary format rather than leaving it as raw data. Therefore, converting compressed data back to raw data for analysis was a slow process.
Also, system data was stored in individual RDBMS silos, which resulted in data duplication and the inability to compare data between systems.




- Integration of distributed data
- Able to store uncompressed raw data at low cost
- Able to analyze more precisely and in more ways because all data can be stored for a long time
- Directly query data through the metatron interface to reduce analysis time
- Improve infrastructure efficiency by not having to generate summary data for each system anymore