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SK Telecom’s technology and know-how make it possible
to achieve stable system operation in a wide variety of practical applications.

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Give your business wings.

metatron is an end-to-end solution that encompasses a full range of data collection, storage, processing, analysis, and visualization processes to effectively reduce set-up time and expenses, while raising system operation efficiency.

The metatron Architecture

Experience data analysis that is simple and simply amazing.

A variety of data source types and schemata are automatically recognized, and they can be collected and stored at a rate 10,000 events/second/core both in real-time and in batches.

* Exact-once-delivery that ensures the stable processing of structured and unstructured data
* Automatic recognition of patterns in collected data
* Incremental data collection applied when collecting data from database management systems

Machine learning algorithms and in-house developed algorithms are optimized to parallel distributed processing to enable fast and precise analysis.

Distributed Statistical Analysis

* Time series and trend analysis
* Multivariate Analysis
* Anomaly detection
* Probability density Estimation

Enhanced model selection presents the most appropriate models for given data, as well as optimum parameter values.

Distributed Machine Learning
Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning

* Classification
* Regression
* Feature Selection

* Clustering
* Latent Variable Models
* Signal Decomposition

The in-memory cache grid ensures a minimum response level regardless of data size, and the system can draw one million data units in only 0.3 seconds.
Also, metatron provides an intuitive user interface through drill-down menus.

* Easy data preparation possible
* No typing, No coding
* Minimum response level assured regardless of data size

Enterprise Components


  • Yarn/Application master HA
  • Support for application master redundancy
  • Enhanced name-node redundancy


  • Cluster-approach user authentication
  • Connector rights setting
  • Encryption for data storage and transmission


  • Easy monitoring of everything through a wallboard-type dashboard
  • Quick recognition of problems through heat maps and alerts
  • Fault processing reporting available


  • Easy generation of new clusters, addition of services, and other functions through a wizard-type user interface
  • Version management and rolling upgrades
  • Workflow and history management available


  • Uninterrupted upgrading and patching
  • Recovery to previous versions supported for troubleshooting