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Why metatron?

Our lives are being inundated by a flood of big data, and the important information we seek may be flowing within that data flood. Companies in diverse fields are saving and analyzing big data to find new insights for business. But current big data solutions require complicated processes and a lot of time.

Fast insight is the key to success in big data.

metatron eliminates unnecessary processes to allow the rapid analysis of big data in real time. It is an end-to-end single solution where all the connecting parts in the process––from collection and storage, to processing, analysis and visualization––are optimized in ways that allow big data to be processed unimaginably quickly.

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A new way to analyze Big Data

Because metatron easily collects data in various forms and utilizes distributed parallel processing for all steps that include data storage, processing, analysis, and visualization, users can make use of their companies’ big data quickly.

After real-time data collection or batch data import, the system automatically recognizes patterns in the collected data to pre-process it quickly.

Log data is processed rapidly through real-time in-memory cache analysis.

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Data analytics algorithms are optimized to parallel distributed processing for rapid analysis.

Through its model selection functionality, the system makes the analytical process convenient for users by proposing suitable models for given data.

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metatron provides certain visualization capabilities through an in-memory cache grid that is not dependent on data size.

Workers in the field can quickly and easily operate the intuitive user interface, which includes drill-down menus.

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Our Solutions

metatron is a solution that can quickly find new insights in large and diverse data sets.

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